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Calculates daily the fair or probable price of illiquid and credit products, creating a reference for trading.

POP strengthens governance due to independent pricing and in line with best market practices. In addition, the entire process is documented and secure, in order to ensure data confidentiality.

  • Operational efficiency, acting as outsourcing in the pricing process.
  • Daily pricing of over 5,300 assets, between Debentures, CRIS, CRAS, LFs and CDBs – 2x more than the competitor’s database
  • Transparency of methodologies with a documented and secure process, in order to guarantee data confidentiality.
  • Knowledge transfer, the methodology encourages the client to challenge the model.
  • Cost and operational risk reduction.
  • Offers price reference on POP Trade – illiquid asset trading platform.

POP prices approximately 5,300 assets daily, including debentures, CRIs, CRAs, LFs and CDBs.

POP Contempla:

  • Pricing manual (methodology).
  • Evolution and price tunnel for a reference in trading.
  • Credit curves.
  • Asset/issue characteristics.
  • Reports with price evolution comparing the mark-to-market made by POP with the percentage of PU Par.