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MITRA is a front to back integrated solution that supports the responsibilities of the management, investment, operation, risk, internal control and backoffice areas, in accordance with the best corporate governance practices.

The system covers all financial market segments, bringing transparency, efficiency, and safety to businesses. The management reports and the recognition of patterns in the portfolios (machine learning) are part of the system, which tries more and more to be the main tool used in decision-making.


Regulation organs are demanding more and more autonomy and responsibility of the financial institutions to avoid conflict of interest and to ensure better implementation of the market activities with transparency and timeliness.


Lean Backoffice

Automating registration and updating market and regulatory.

Market Data

  • On and offshore data replication (partnership with international data providers).

CRI, CRA e Debentures

  • Daily beating prices with the fiduciary agents.


  • Update of market regulations (CVM, Bacen, Previc, Susep and Anbima).

One Stop Shop

Front to back integrated system composed by modules according to the customer’s needs.


  • Issuance of order


  • Pre, post and intraday

Integrated Risk Management

  • Market
  • Liquidity
  • Credit

Study of Funds

  • LUZ Ranking
  • Efficient frontier

Allocation of Performance

  • Under/over results
  • Allocation of performance


  • Pricing validation
  • Accounting integration

LUZIA – LUZ Artificial Intelligence

The system counts with an AI algorithm that is an intelligent support to decision-making

Portfolio Follow-up

  • Automatic monitoring of the strategic portfolio follow-up.

Analysis of Patterns

  • Ruptures in the portfolio behavior.


Managerial and portfolio follow-up reporting.

Portfolio Follow-up

  • Customizable monitoring of the strategic portfolio follow-up.


  • Basileia
  • Pilar 3
  • Susep

Management and Customers

  • Customized reporting with a consolidated view of the portfolios under management.
  • Data automatic extraction without manual intervention with templates.

Integration between areas

Tools available in the system to facilitate communication and activity tracking

Alert Area

  • Area that concentrates all important notifications to the user.

Audit Trail

  • Tracking of key actions performed in the system.
  • Restricted access by user’s profile.


  • Communication tool with any MITRA user.