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Electronic platform for trading Fixed Income assets (public and private securities), which allows peer to peer connection between different market players, where anyone can make an offer and negotiate an opportunity via chat in a simple and transparent way.

All trading done on the platform is tracked and documented, guaranteeing Best Execution and the best efforts. In addition, POP Trade provides the price tunnel for reference in trading and a Fixed Income calculator, through POP BR.


  • Simple electronic platform.
  • Fixed Income Calculator with 06 decimal places of precision.
  • Chat as a negotiation tool with the market (POP Trade community) or with your customers (restricted community).
  • Usability in line with the dynamics of the operating table.


  • Every deal made is tracked and documented.
  • Best execution in an automated way.
  • Best efforts.
  • Adhering to Resolution 4,661.
  • Offers price tunnel for reference in trading through POP BR.