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Who We Are

Company leader on the field of financial solutions front to back for financial instituions buy and sell side on Brazil and Colombia. Our goal is to help institutions to invest and control their investments efficiently, safely and clearly.

The company has three business units: MITRA (front to back integrated financial solution), Financial Consultancy (specialized in risk consultancy) and Pension Fund Solutions (solutions destined for Pension Fund clients).

Also part of the LUZ Group are the companies POP BR, Official Provider of Prices Brazil, and the POP Trade, electronic trading platform of illiquid credit assets.




customers in Brazil
and Colombia

Inclusion and diversity

for company
day-to-day business

R$ 162 Tri

of PL in funds under
management in MITRA

Solutions that
bring security
and transparency for
the financial market

LUZ building a safer
financial market.

Vision, Mission and Values


We bring together technology and finance to bring more efficiency, transparency and security to the financial market.


To be a reference in Latin America in the development of innovative solutions that add value in portfolio management, risk management and governance.



We respect and
value people


We develop
and share the
Technology &
Finance knowledge


We are creative and innovative,
think and do differently


We captivate our customers
with our actions and solutions,
we are proactive and exceeded
the expectations